LED sensor light bar

(1011 customer reviews)



Charging parameters: 5V 1A 4H
Light color: cold light/warm light
Induction angle: 90 degrees 3-5 meters range
Charging interface: Micro USB
Lamp body power: 0.5W
Lights off delay: 20S
Battery capacity: 450mAh

Weight 110.0 g
Dimensions 170 × 60 × 60 cm

White light, 1White light, 2White light, Yellow light, 1Yellow light, 2Yellow light


150mm, 210mm, 300mm

1011 reviews for LED sensor light bar

  1. R***n

    Ok, thanks!

  2. V***a

    It works perfectly, I love the product

  3. A***n

    The goods came very quickly, brought the courier home. Turned on, I will experience how much charging is enough. It shines well, there is a motion sensor, how it does not yet understand, there are several modes.

    no remark

  4. Y***n

    Sensor operated this seems somewhat slower but cost meets. Safe 듦 new neat 뼌 and shipping fast.

  5. L***o

    Good product

    no remark

  6. V***k

    Order in Kiev was delivered in 8 days, everything corresponds to the description

  7. A***r

    they look nice and work well so far, but you have to be really close to activate them.

  8. J***M

    Small but strong. Sensor operated well being.

    no remark no remark

  9. J***M

    Sensor led product led rogue without remedy.
    Just sensor light led work properly with a.
    Thanks to feel better.

    no remark no remark

  10. A***v

    Probably too bright for the night

  11. J***k

    super fast and very satisfy

  12. K***i

    Fast shipping ~'s non-good product!

  13. I***i

    great to use

  14. A***o

    Excellent product, very fast and with good quality. Congratulations to store.

  15. O***a

    The light at the bulbs is very pleasant, in each bulb the charging cable, respond to movement. So far I can not say how much time is enough charging just began to use. The goods came as promised on time.

  16. E***r

    Good quality.

  17. D***v

    Perfectly Fit in the bathroom, the design itself is Velcro. And the lamp on the magnet, it can be separately charged. But I decided to put it on charge at once.

    no remark

  18. R***m

    Thank you advise seller fast delivery

  19. J***V

    Everything ok.

  20. C***.

    amazing fort this price

  21. L***o

    As described, the battery life is missing.

  22. A***o

    The item does not cheat, well packaged, works perfectly and fast shipping, I am happy with the product, recommended.

    (Personally, I did not make any contact via message or other with seller, since the free arrived fast, therefore what valoro with 5 *****, I saw no need to talk to seller)

    no remark no remark

  23. L***z

    It performs its function over and over. Shipping to Spain hyper fast, in a week at home.

  24. L***a

    I expected that it would be brighter.

  25. D***k

    Fast delivery to Mo from RF-4 days, Courier IML to the door.

    The lamp itself is made well, the body is solid, the sensor in the dark is triggered with 3,6 m exactly (the lamp at 80 cm height was installed), I did not check further.
    For this size of lighting is normal.
    Precharged the built-in battery in 30 minutes, worked after charging more than an hour for sure-the flight is normal.

    I bought to make a backlight under the sink, but here the lamp works at greater darkness, what we would like. I think how to provide her work in the twilight of seicha, if anyone knows, then tell me, please.

    Product and seller recommend.

    no remark no remark no remark

  26. J***z

    Ok. Very quick and good quality too. Five stars seller!

  27. N***h

    It came instantly! Five days to the Urals. Russian mail to the next street can not be delivered during this time. Works without complaints. Everything is fine

  28. S***G

    Good item. Very bright and useful for dark spaces. Motion sensor works perfectly.

  29. W***h

    Light intensity is lightly very readily. Darker only when the sensor is in operation with spot! And when it is not a little slowly turned Staples

  30. K***r

    Well-received. Thank you very much.

  31. I***a

    Very well shine. I took a cold light, very bright. The magnet is slightly weak, but metal strips are given to the lamps. I'll stick to these stripes. Lamps can be charged repeatedly, they are given a USB wire, without a socket. She took a private house on the lighting of the stairs in the evening. Sensors work well and burn for about 1 minute. There are two modes and you can turn on that the light would burn constantly. I ordered 5 pieces. I'll order more. Very necessary and useful thing.

  32. S***s

    Good for my. Write only. Shipping real quick. Days

    no remark no remark

  33. S***s

    Good for my. Write only. Shipping real quick. Days

    no remark no remark

  34. J***o

    I ordered it on a Wednesday and Monday I got it delivered. It's very good, it has battery so you can install it anywhere without having a plug nearby. The instructions come in English but it is very simple, simply press once and it would be fixed light and if you press a second active motion sensor (very important only works when there is darkness, this saves battery during the day). It has a magnet inside to stick it anywhere in metal. If there is no metal you can use the two chapitas it brings to stick them to the surface you have and zoom in the bar to the chapitas so it stays sewn

    no remark no remark no remark no remark no remark

  35. H***r

    A lot lot set female

  36. C***E

    Thank you

  37. K***a

    i like it very much!! very good quality i will order again ☺️ thank you

  38. E***l

    great product.
    very fast delivery.

  39. B***b

    I can’t say in words how grappa l am with this light sensor, I’m already order plus 5 veryyyy recommended

    no remark no remark no remark no remark no remark

  40. N***O

    Good need to order another one. But this one only came with one Metal piece and it needs two so I can actually have it over head in a closet.

  41. N***u

    The goods came a little unserviceable, but the seller did well, immediately returned the money.

  42. Y***n

    Great product!! Take it will not regret it!! And if you use a double cache (refund), then save a lot of money. I did not believe it until I looked at one blogger. Register will not regret. please click on the link (http: // Got. by/3hd9xv)

    no remark

  43. S***v

    The lamp works in all declared modes. There's enough light. Came in 6 days in Samara; unfortunately, with scratched glass plafon (probably scratched at траснпортировке), but damage is almost invisible

  44. J***s


  45. D***e


  46. K***e

    The site in Ukraine is 2-3 types. I take the goods from a friend. The goods are super, packing norms. Із the touch of the Ruhu, its the button of the Primrose kervonunya…

  47. D***.

    Everything corresponds to the description, it works well. I take the 2nd time. Delivery of 17 days to the Samara region

  48. V***r

    Ordered in Moscow 11.11.2020, and 13.11.2020 the courier delivered it home, very all quickly the goods correspond, shines well and bright.

  49. D***v

    Clearly works in the dark, in the light does not work, delivered a day after the order, so fast has not worked yet

  50. E***i

    Very good, recharge every 2 months about in minimum lighting power but it's enough

  51. T***i

    The product arrived safely

  52. L***a

    Thank you

  53. I***v


  54. F***f


  55. V***n

    Waiting and reality coincided perhaps I will repeat the order.

  56. F***c

    Product conforms to the description

  57. A***v

    Thank you very much everything came to the description of the seller I recommend

  58. J***a

    Excellent lamp, hung in the hallway, pleases that the light on the growing lights up, does not hit the eyes!

  59. A***

    Super lamp. Fast delivery-2 weeks to Kiev, well packed, all whole, charged and working. I recommend the product to the seller Thank you.

  60. E***a

    Good light bulbs, look neat, packed well. The only negative for me is the mode of response to movement works only in the dark. But in the afternoon you can manually turn on the button, so it's not critical

    no remark

  61. D***v

    Awesome Thing! Just did not expect such excellent quality and such work. The motion sensor is triggered up to 1.5 meters. The light is pleasant and lights up not immediately at full brightness and gradually that also liked.

    no remark

  62. V***a

    Works. Charges. The illumination is bright.
    The sensor turns on in 2 m position.
    The lamp is light, convenient on the magnet, you can attach on the refrigerator 🙂
    (Highlight in the storage room, bags, tent, car…)
    Shipping fast. Thanks seller

  63. L***e

    works perfectly. will order more ! fast shipping.

  64. H***

    The piece is beautiful and light. The light is faint. I wish it was stronger. If the automatic mode does not work unless the lights are turned around. Or you need to turn it on by Button. Its price is expensive. Fast shipping received within two weeks.

  65. C***l

    Good quality material and very serious sellers

  66. E***e

    Very good. Useful for what I want to do. Delivered quickly with original packaging and in excellent condition. I'll take it from others.

    no remark no remark no remark no remark no remark

  67. E***n

    Work well. Dimming light on. Are very good than after light (help light).

  68. H***s

    Good but small

  69. J***N

    Slightly damaged product.

  70. T***a

    It looks good, we'll try it but at first glance everything's fine,
    Thanks to the seller

  71. G***a

    Thought Woden darker.

  72. G***a

    Almost thought Woden up place.

  73. P***i

    Product compatible with products
    Fast shipping

  74. G***o

    All well that that ends well… Product arrived retreat dispute… Recommend purchasing and seller…. Gooodddd

    no remark no remark no remark

  75. K***K

    Very satisfied with both purchase and delivery speed! I use it for a baby so that I do not need to run and help to tell the light constantly. Quality and convenient purchase. Recommend!

    no remark no remark no remark no remark no remark

  76. M***.

    good light ! loading Quick ! Make is job !

  77. M***.

    Good brightness super good and load fast!

  78. N***r

    Good product, conform to the order

  79. M***v

    Good packing, quality. Everything works.

  80. E***a

    Everything came whole, it works, I thought it would be brighter

  81. E***a

    I thought that it would be brighter, everything works

  82. J***t

    Good lighting. Good battery life. Very satisfied.

  83. L***h

    Very Good. 🙂

  84. A***S

    Ill keep the charge

  85. H***z

    Excellent seller and super fast shipping! There is no proof

  86. G***b

    Not a bad thing, I recommend

    no remark no remark

  87. E***n

    Delivery in 2 days. The goods came packed in a cardboard tube. I don't know whose fault it is, but on the back of the lamp is a dent with a nail. The working capacity does not affect, only the appearance is dead.

    no remark

  88. B***o

    I have to prove it.

  89. M***u

    Ideal for both illuminating a picture and viewing the night CDs very practical.

  90. J***

    Great item, I recommend it and good battery life!

  91. F***r

    Dugé shvidka delivery. USIM Raju. Good Goods.

    no remark

  92. J***m

    Light lightly as weak but the product quality is good

  93. I***o

    The order was made 23.10, and already received 12.11. Thank you. It came in an envelope in a Duper. Packing is intact. The lamp and accessories are packed very compactly and neatly. The lamp is small :), it works well.

    no remark no remark

  94. J***O

    Matches the description. It's nice anyway.

  95. C***r

    It is a good product

  96. A***n

    Packed very seriously to seller Thank you lamp works perfectly sensor Motion clear magnet to hold norms lamp does not fall worthy thing

  97. M***i

    Goods yakysniy and seller Good)

  98. M***r

    The 19 cm version is quite different from the 21 cm product. Switch is old style and not very robust. Battery also seems to drain much faster. I can recommend the 21 cm version, but not the shorter one.

    no remark no remark

  99. M***t

    A good quality lamp, everything works fine

  100. M***o


  101. I***o

    Nice lamp. How long will the time show? But it is made very soundly and looks good. Definitely recommend both the seller and the goods.

  102. A***o

    A little not what I expected. I ordered the first one. It was square. And this is a round and the sensor works worse.

    no remark no remark no remark no remark

  103. A***o

    A little not what I expected. I ordered the first one. It was square. And this is a round and the sensor works worse.

    no remark no remark no remark no remark

  104. N***I


  105. M***a


  106. M***i

    Good enough isn’t that bright but sensitive for movement is good

  107. U***y

    Works pretty well. I am still trying to find the best location to put it. The light is very sensitive to motion. Like it.

  108. A***o

    Works perfectly as expect 1 month no issues so far

  109. F***l


  110. A***o

    Very practical and easy to install.

    no remark

  111. N***n

    Bought it multiple times and always good!

  112. O***a

    Cool thing motion sensor works perfectly!

  113. M***a


  114. V***i

    Delivery to the apartment. All is well. Everything works

  115. K***n

    I choose the warm white but get the white 🙁

  116. Y***i

    Very cool lamps, motion sensor works fine

    no remark no remark no remark no remark

  117. A***v

    The order was sent quickly, in transit did not delay. Batteries, I had to recharge a little before fully charged. Put in the corridor, and the hallway. I go back and forth often. Still shining. The goods are good, their money is worth. The seller communicates well, if necessary, I will turn to him again.

  118. A***o


  119. V***v

    Delivery is very fast.
    Packed well.
    Corresponds to the description. The only thing that confused, despite 40 pieces of LED, it does not shine very bright. But for my purposes enough.

  120. H***r

    Like women ^*^

    no remark

  121. I***M

    Fast delivery. It works well. thanks. ^^*

    no remark no remark

  122. B***e

    Brilliant LED lights, I can't fault any part of this design, this is the second one I have bought, the first one has only been charged once in over 6 weeks of use. it's attached by magnet so if it requires a charge it's super easy. There are no faults with this product, it looks good and is almost impossible to notice in the daytime as it sits underneath my cupboards and lights up the kitchen bench. Very solid construction and very fast delivery.

  123. Y***

    I like it very much, I'm delighted with the led. I recommend it the truth.

  124. H***m

    Its nice light and the magnets are working well!

    no remark no remark

  125. A***v


  126. J***e

    Rechargeable light dry battery inside for the good tool sensor well being

  127. D***

    The review has already written. They work correctly.

  128. D***

    Quite convenient lamps for illumination. They work correctly.

  129. I***O

    Delivery to Moscow in 9 days. The packaging is wrapped in a few layers. Inside the Factory packaging there are 2 more, in one USB/Micro USB wire, and metal plates with Scotch tape. The second lamp itself. The lamp came charged motion sensor works. There are several functions. Until I figured out the most important thing in the closet. Fully corresponds to the description of the seller.

    no remark no remark

  130. A***n

    Second order in the store and everything is fine. Shipping and delivery fast. Recommend.

    no remark no remark

  131. D***r

    thank you, very fast delivery

  132. C***a

    Come in perfectly well.. Graciiiiaaaasssss

  133. D***n

    Cool lamp! Everything works! Very fast delivery!!!: seller recommend!!!

  134. I***v

    Very fast delivery to Moscow. Packed well, everything is intact. Works fine.

  135. E***v

    Very convenient thing! Attached to the bed, at night the light rose slowly. Convenient and done qualitatively.

  136. I***e

    Everything works fine, thanks for the fast delivery

    no remark no remark no remark

  137. S***Y

    Immediately after receiving from the Mail, put on charge. All diodes work, charging goes normally, light is enough. Complies with 5w and light power in 864 lumen

  138. M***n

    Excellent lamps. Put it in the corridor. They work perfectly, at night everything is well visible

  139. A***v

    Description corresponds, packing is good. Delivery to Yakutia 12 days, this is the record. I definitely recommend the store. Thank you.

    no remark no remark no remark no remark

  140. K***r

    It is a product that is highly complete.
    I want to buy more from now on.

  141. J***a

    Excellent Product, same as publication.

  142. A***v

    Everything is fine, it works without problems

  143. S***O

    Very satisfied with the items bought
    Good build quality.
    Thank you!

  144. R***t

    Top..and very fast delivery..

  145. S***k

    Nice products.
    I set 3 of them at my bedside, kitchen and hallway to bathroom.
    simple and light design / rechargeable battery (cord or cordless) / motion sensing

  146. G***z

    It works well would be nice if you could control the ignition time only lasts 10seconds

    no remark no remark no remark no remark no remark

  147. P***z

    Very fast, spectacular lights

  148. L***a

    Very happy with my purchase 🙂
    They detect us far away, it's perfect.
    I'll order another one.

  149. C***r


  150. M***n

    Cool portable lamp, light bright, there are three modes, motion sensor best respond in dark, it reached Moscow in three weeks, the courier brought directly home.

    no remark no remark

  151. V***z

    Correct description and fast shipping. When it is in charge it is turned on by itself even if it is put in off mode, I don't know if it's a defect but if it turns on when the load doesn't get to full r load. Tested charging for three hours does not get green. Adhesives are very strong, as soon as they are placed it is difficult or impossible to remove them, keep that in mind.

  152. S***w

    Nice product, works great, going to buy more.

  153. A***i

    Great. Bright even the smallest. But in the afternoon, too, sometimes it works.

  154. M***n

    Excellent lamp, the sensor works well

    no remark

  155. Y***a

    Nice lamp. I take it a second time. Quickly charges, works well. Fast delivery ..

  156. A***a

    All good looks and running
    3 modes. Good protection for shipping

    no remark no remark no remark no remark no remark

  157. A***a

    All right, fast shipping, right appearance

    no remark no remark no remark no remark no remark

  158. R***a


  159. B***d

    Long delivery 43 days to Irkutsk region.

    no remark

  160. R***m

    Thank you ordered quickly not

  161. H***s

    Only works in the dark. Has no button to turn on. Only sensor.

  162. K***I


  163. Y***k

    Nice lamp, reacts even on cat's movements

  164. F***f

    Delivery to the doors. Quality is good. Everything works. Thank you seller.

  165. V***n

    Good Goods

  166. A***n

    Norms. It came quickly, delivered the courier. The goods is according to the description

  167. J***e

    Good quality

  168. T***e

    Ok to description

  169. D***v

    Had problems getting into hospital and couldn't pick up order, but the seller helped them solve and actively made contact. The lamps themselves work perfectly, thank you.

  170. R***r

    I ordered the goods 04.10, and I came already in the twentieth of October, quickly enough. 19 cm and 24 LED light corridor is very good (weighs on the ceiling), the sensor works well, no failures. I tested the built-in battery-I could not pour the 1000mAh claimed, only 933. In general, I am happy with the goods.

  171. K***a

    Brilliant lights, perfect for kitchen. Included kabelki and magnets for przyczepienia.

  172. F***r

    good product came really fast recommend

  173. M***v

    Works norms, 2 AAA batteries. It is attached to the magnetic tape, which in turn is glued to the 2-sided Scotch tape.

  174. D***a

    Prodejce vynikající! Světla výborná,všechno funguje. So Rychlé dodání ještě nikdy with Aliexpresu nepřišlo.
    Velmi, Velmi doporučuji tento obchod.Kdyby bylo k dispozici 10 hvězdiček-udělím.Díky

  175. L***e

    In 2 weeks received!

    no remark

  176. L***e

    In 2 weeks received!

    no remark

  177. D***o

    Super! I can not imagine something better for this price 🙂

  178. A***n

    very fast delivery

  179. M***n


  180. O***z

    I'll leave valuation once I 've tried it.

  181. V***o

    Super fast shipment, love the products.

  182. U***r

    The lamp is good, compact, made qualitatively. delivery is fast, packing of excellent quality. Seller recommend. The lamp shines properly.

    no remark no remark no remark

  183. U***r

    The lamp is good, compact, made qualitatively. delivery is fast, packing of excellent quality. Seller recommend. The lamp shines properly.

    no remark no remark no remark

  184. B***k

    Supeerr convenient light, use for my child that in the night stands up to the toilet. Sensor works in the dark. Everything works properly, communication with seller is excellent, thanks!

  185. S***k

    All norms are like working

  186. A***y

    Excellent lamps, smoothly light up, light dractly, hung in the corridor, at night to the toilet walk, that's it.

  187. F***i

    All good, make so much light.

    no remark

  188. F***i

    All good, make so much light.

    no remark

  189. G***d

    Very good

  190. A***e

    Work well! Thank you

  191. K***h

    The lamp is good, it works properly, Convenient Velcro on the magnet.

  192. I***o

    It came quickly, everything works fine. Only did not understand with 2 mode that how it works

  193. E***a

    The order was sent quickly and in general the delivery is not long. Ordered 2 lamps, one does not understand what principle the motion sensor is triggered, then the emphasis does not see, it works from turning off the light, and so in principle, the standards are bright.

  194. P***y

    great quality. light works without any problem. Daily use with motion sensor and first charge after 3 weeks.

  195. K***m

    Fast shipping and good price
    Make you satisfied

  196. H***o

    Love it! Looks great!

  197. V***s

    It's great but shipping is very very slow.

  198. A***v

    Great lamp. Performs its functions precisely and reliably. During the day does not turn on, at night turns on from movement, after 15 seconds turns off. Delivery was Courier 10 days before Chelyabinsk-I was arranged

  199. G***k

    Very satisfied ^^

    no remark

  200. G***k

    Very terrific ^^

    no remark

  201. L***a

    Order from 08.10, came 30.10 to the Mail. Packed in a box. It is attached to magnetic plates, which are on double-sided Scotch. Reacts only in the dark. It shines like a night light.

    no remark no remark no remark no remark

  202. G***a

    The order came quickly, works well.

  203. I***r

    Ordered on October 15 received on October 28, according to the announcement, well packaged, I took the led 21cm in warm light. There are 3 positions, 1 era continuous light, 2eme motion detector (works perfectly!) , 3 Th to turn off. USB charger provides it is a plus and 2 magnets to hang on the wall, closet etc …. You can also magnet it in the fridge etc …. Very happy with my purchase, I recommend this article!

    no remark no remark

  204. I***r

    Ordered on October 15 received on October 28, according to the announcement, well packaged, I took the led 21cm in warm light. There are 3 positions, 1 era continuous light, 2eme motion detector (works perfectly!) , 3 Th to turn off. USB charger provides it is a plus and 2 magnets to hang on the wall, closet etc …. You can also magnet it in the fridge etc …. Very happy with my purchase, I recommend this article!

    no remark no remark

  205. O***v

    Many thanks for the quality goods and fast delivery

    no remark no remark

  206. D***r

    thank you

  207. A***v

    Cool stuff. Very fast delivery.

  208. K***A

    Super recommend to everyone

  209. A***a


  210. G***r

    these are an excellent light

  211. P***a

    Very satisfed with this product.

  212. S***v

    Super night light! I'm delighted. Good quality and brightness.

    no remark

  213. S***v

    Excellent packaging of goods, more liked the lamp 40 LEDs. 20 is too dim, but hold for 3 seconds adjustable brightness!!!

    no remark no remark

  214. B***e

    Delivery in 10 days, more than try it ….

    no remark no remark

  215. B***e

    Delivery in 10 days, more than try it ….

    no remark no remark

  216. R***r

    Alles Top

  217. J***z

    Exactly as described

  218. L***a

    In 5 days he's already fucked up.

  219. R***v

    Everything is clear! Small but no longer needed for lighting space in the dark. The motion sensor works well!

  220. A***v

    In general, everything works. The lamp is charging.

  221. O***a

    Five stars in all respects. I hung it in the corridor so that at night I could not walk through the dark. Works properly. I recommend, maybe I'll order more. Convenient hang and reached quickly.

  222. J***a

    Not clear how to turn on and off. It's very bright, and sticks great.

  223. E***r

    Surprised very fast delivery in 10 days. Well, the quality of the lamp at altitude. Everything works fine, the motion sensor is sensitive

  224. V***a


  225. H***f

    It works very good. Good quality

  226. K***v

    So far everything works well

  227. J***z

    Very good product. Good lighting will +++++

  228. I***a

    Great lamp

  229. J***j


  230. E***v

    Nice lamp. It is a pity that the indication that the battery is charged has stopped working. The red indicator always burns.

  231. E***v

    A good night light. it shines bright.

  232. B***e

    Very good and reliable LED warm white light. I use it in the kitchen so when I want to grab a snack the light comes on the second I'm within range, it's only been recharged once and used for a month so far without needing to recharge again. Solid build, quality product.

    The light is not white but warm white as described, my photos don't quite show the true colour, it's also enough light to navigate the Kitchen in the dark without needing to turn on the main light. I'm buying another one to go near it as it creates a nice ambience.

    no remark no remark

  233. R***L

    Everything perfect, fast on shipping and item as described. Highly recommended seller.

  234. R***n

    Incredibly cool lamp, children really liked.
    Bought from the seller two different, asked to send in one parcel. Very polite, fulfilled the request at a high level.
    I recommend for very fast delivery, good product and excellent service!

  235. S***i


  236. D***v

    I buy from this seller a second time. The first was wrong and took a bright white light. Hung on the door in the corridor, the magnet is strong, keeps cool. But in the night when you go to need-even at 1/2 power works and a feeling, that you're flying a truck. Very bright. Ordered a second time, but already warm white. Things got much better. Put 1/2 power, now at least drink Watermelon Rose-there is nothing to fear, you will get without accidents. White hung on the cold, now "Fura" goes there in the kitchen. Scares off in the night.

    no remark no remark

  237. M***h

    Item received in good condition. The lights worked nicely as a night lamp during bedtime.

  238. M***o

    Very fast delivery. Thank you.

  239. T***u

    ETA was Sep25~Oct02
    Real Received Date was 2020-10-22 08:39

    ittook 20 Days more than ETA.

  240. Y***g

    Short charge for long before wearing, three times by two cotton terrific!

  241. E***h

    Great thing. I ordered more. Shipping fast. Recommend.

  242. S***o


  243. A***n

    I liked the lamp. There are two modes of operation: constantly and with the help of a motion sensor. You can also adjust the brightness by pressing the button. I'll order more.

    no remark no remark

  244. A***t

    Is recommended

  245. A***v

    The light is very dim. At 5V consumption 300mA. It's up to you.

  246. A***v

    It came to Zaporozhye in 11 days. Description corresponds. Seller recommend.

  247. B***a

    very happy with this article

  248. D***n

    Very good product, lights up sick and the sensor works fine. The metal plate glue is strong and good quality.

  249. G***r

    Shipping days or so. Product love. Light atmosphere and guest 윽-incoming will may be different. Micro comfortable to glimpse is easy long but specifically for satisfaction.

  250. M***a

    Excellent thing, comfortable! Delivery to the house, bvsto! Maybe a week has passed! How to attach to the tile I do not know, Scotch probably buy, two-sided. Not as bright as I thought.

    no remark

  251. D***n


  252. P***a

    Works clearly

  253. A***V

    Gorgeous lamp! Fast delivery IML, 5 days! All functions work. Lighting for a small balcony is enough. I recommend to buy.
    Thank you!!!

    no remark no remark no remark

  254. A***V

    Gorgeous lamp! Fast delivery IML, 5 days! All functions work. Lighting for a small balcony is enough. I recommend to buy.
    Thank you!!!

    no remark no remark no remark

  255. J***n

    Is good day light around the four key s shoes leap year in Old Key baby easy.

  256. G***u

    I paid 24tl customs tax for 2 PCs and write later on the fine charge of lighting and precision

  257. J***e


  258. D***v

    The lantern is very pleased. Shipping long. Even in the warehouse in Lyubertsy was lying a week and in the annex was at the address of delivery.

  259. R***r

    Super fast delivery-a few days to Moscow. It shines perfectly.

  260. V***i

    Good quality fast shipping hope it last

  261. V***i

    Good! Fast shipping too hope it last.

  262. F***r

    Great product. It is a recommend, because very happy with the first.

  263. G***w

    Works well when Busin sale in 9th cloth waiting for! Buy light used for in nad hadn't sides for only one close children were the lampshade dont think
    Bulldozer well coming dock well being mind fits easily into the

  264. R***v

    Only it is not clear how the magnet works.

  265. D***d

    Cool topic is what you need in the dark corridor at night when you go to the toilet

  266. H***i

    All works fine

  267. M***n

    Quality thing! Packed correctly. Cable and magnetic fasteners included.

    no remark no remark no remark

  268. M***n

    Quality thing! Packed correctly. Cable and magnetic fasteners included.

    no remark no remark no remark

  269. A***n

    delivered from Europe, very fast. Didn't get notice from local post office. Found that item is delivered by parcel tracking Lamp is very well packed. Seller is recommended

    no remark no remark no remark no remark no remark

  270. P***k

    Sensor works but the sensitivity is low. General is OK

  271. K***r

    Battery use time is long, Wish and Lights Lights led time adjustable cotton better.

  272. L***s


  273. E***N

    Thank you! Very happy.

    no remark

  274. A***n

    Good quality, works OK

  275. C***O

    Arrived later than expected but compliant

  276. R***v

    Expensive, in Leroy cheaper, but there with a power supply, which to the outlet you need to pull. Longer.
    Plus it's a battery. Charge well.

    no remark

  277. E***j

    All right and fast shipping.

  278. A***v

    Works out of the box. For a small cabinet came up. It works clearly, but it does not shine very intensively.

  279. H***o

    Darker with only operation when I bought the desired function well

    no remark

  280. H***o

    Darker with only operation when I bought the desired function well

    no remark

  281. V***a

    We order with her husband not the first time. Thank you.

  282. P***v

    The product perfectly corresponds to the description of the parcel was delivered a month by courier directly to the apartment the sensor works perfectly only in a dark room turns on gently gradually gaining power is very convenient and practical advise all this product and seller when charging work Red and Green the indicators are very convenient

    no remark no remark no remark

  283. P***v

    The product perfectly corresponds to the description of the parcel was delivered a month by courier directly to the apartment the sensor works perfectly only in a dark room turns on gently gradually gaining power is very convenient and practical advise all this product and seller when charging work Red and Green the indicators are very convenient

    no remark no remark no remark

  284. T***n

    Fast delivery, good quality. Good stuff. Thx.

  285. S***A

    OK. received. All is right. Thank you.

  286. W***s

    Looks easy to use. Thanks. Fast delivery.

  287. K***b

    Excellent lamp, fast delivery, brightly shines, with a motion sensor, it is attached to magnets, magnets with a lamp in the package. Thank you to the seller-the goods are super.

  288. G***y

    Lamps Super

  289. A***v

    works well)

  290. N***n

    Product good very fast shipping

  291. O***d

    Very fast delivery! All the best.

  292. U***r

    The lights were delivered quickly: the order made on October 6, received on October 17. Already bought a similar lamp here. Then I bought two more of these. Everything is in working order. I'm happy with the purchase. It is a pity only that no gift from the seller was received. But thank you anyway. Put 5 stars

    no remark

  293. M***r

    Very good quality, very fast delivery.

  294. N***r

    Fine product meets according to the description

  295. T***a

    Product works without problem

  296. M***o

    Cheapest. Shining

  297. E***N

    Everything is super

  298. G***g


  299. W***a

    All works as you need. Very well and packed safely.

  300. S***o

    Not sure about how much would the battery last, but seems like not reall 1000mAh, but it's a good light source and good Quality.

    no remark no remark no remark no remark no remark

  301. N***y

    Very decent looks both outside and inside. The battery is small, there are many more places in the lamp empty. No timer is bad. Shines bright, but you can reduce-it's convenient.

  302. R***v

    Everything works well! move around at night the apartment is very comfortable! the brightness of the light is adjustable!

  303. G***s


    no remark no remark no remark

  304. A***n

    Very well built, top quality, quick shipment

  305. J***p

    Additional purchase.
    Good good

  306. M***c

    Perfect Ní Baterie vydrží CCA 1 Týden svítí perfect ně, použito na novou linku

    no remark no remark no remark

  307. T***a

    A good lamp I advise you to buy.

  308. K***l

    Performance good

  309. H***h

    Good Lamp, take

  310. V***p

    Long walked

  311. G***m


  312. G***m


  313. G***r

    Very quickly delivered, securely packed. The motion sensor works in insufficient lighting. All as written on the package. Goods are quality. Recommend.

  314. P***E

    Extrem fast delivery

  315. G***p

    Sensor keen seemed very immediate and immediate reaction Ohm

  316. R***r

    Good bulb

  317. U***r

    Cool lamp, so far… I'll drop it if there's anything wrong.
    I recommend the seller and the goods

  318. F***r

    Complies with the description. Very fast shipping 15 days. I recommend seller.

  319. B***z

    The product is just like the description. Very happy with the quality and shipping, it arrived very well packed and took only a week. In my case it's great to light up the closet, when I open the door, the light goes on and when I close it goes off. Highly recommended!

    no remark no remark no remark

  320. B***a

    It works, very well packaged, fast delivery. Thank you very much.

  321. S***e

    Very like it on the

    no remark

  322. V***v

    Very happy. Thank you seller.

  323. Y***m

    The brightness is not as bright as desired. Sensors work well.

  324. S***e

    as descrived… but check your order. there are 2 different shapes of the light.

    no remark

  325. V***v

    In motion detector mode, it works in half brightness. Brightness adjustment only in constant mode. Or I don't understand.

  326. V***k

    Cool lamp, useful. Recommend.

  327. H***h

    Write terrific for kids room

  328. R***s

    It works perfectly, it's lasted me like two weeks with a very fast load. It's a light for darkness, don't expect it to fit you for a big room or something big.

  329. C***o

    Fast shipping. Reasonable price. And seems to work well enough. Hope this will last! Thanks

  330. V***v

    Very good lights. Two levels of brightness. They look beautiful. Excellent magnetic fastening. Hung one in the corridor and the other in the cabinets. Everything works fine.

  331. T***a

    Thank you qualitatively bright

    no remark

  332. N***s

    Ήταν ακριβώς όπως το περιγράφουν ίσως
    και καλύτερο πήρα δύο από αυτά πολύ ωραία για ντουλάπες ειδικά τα χειμωνιάτικα πρωινά για να μην ανοίγω παντζούρια και ξυπνάω τους υπόλοιπους.

  333. V***n

    Good qulity

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  334. V***n

    Good qulity

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  335. V***n

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    Excellent goods, only received, tried Time, works on hurray

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    Cool lamp, came quickly, everything is super.

  340. A***

    I recommend it

  341. A***

    I recommend it. Very good.

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    first impression very good. works good

  343. N***S

    Perfect, as described, quick charge, good lumination

  344. G***r

    Little kids easy dry switch that there is no living

  345. M***d

    Absolutely fantastic. A great light with magnetic fixings, works brilliantly in a dark cupboard. Will order more.

  346. J***s


  347. D***V

    Super lights!!!

  348. C***n

    Amazing Product! Really the best ever!! Very bright LED strip which is held with magnets for easy recharging. AAAAAA++++++ Excellent Seller – High quality goods exactly as described. Quick delivery and safe packaging. Will order again. Highly recommended.

  349. K***r

    Alibaba products snapping expensive mail but liked every inch rhinestone dark place established with sensor etc.

  350. P***e


  351. U***r


  352. A***v

    Elegant, only did not guess with warm light. White as for me would be more convenient.

  353. M***a

    Excellent, very good product, works very well both sensor and other modes, arrived well packed, and in fast time, recommended

    no remark no remark no remark

  354. M***a

    Excellent, very good product, works very well both sensor and other modes, arrived well packed, and in fast time, recommended

    no remark no remark no remark

  355. M***m

    Seller wrong in the size I've ordered, but a refund was giving.

  356. V***s


  357. O***o

    Class thing. Keep it clear. Roll on the tile at vannadisno. On the magniti приліплюється to the roll. You can see znimati and notiti de potribno. I'll take the city. It's not a car.

  358. A***n

    The picture corresponds, it was about a month. The sensor has 2 modes, until very much figured out, but on my one time forced work, 2 times-sensor operation, third off. It's been over a month.

    no remark no remark no remark

  359. A***i

    received it very quick within few days, very useful light very happy with the product thanks

  360. G***a

    Good night. If there is light, do not turn on. Packed were very good, brought Courier

    no remark no remark no remark

  361. G***a

    Good night. If there is light, do not turn on. Packed were very good, brought Courier

    no remark no remark no remark

  362. Y***v

    Order not on batteries! Good thing!

  363. V***a

    It is Awesome! works fine!

  364. J***z

    Correct operation. Gives good light +++

  365. I***e


    no remark

  366. U***n

    Excellent quality, the color as in the picture exactly coincides with the color of the goods in real life, very reliable, very reliable seller, fast shipment, very accurate description, everything works, no defects, at delivery, the goods were not damaged and delivered to the right address, without confusion as happens! I recommend this seller to everyone!.

  367. N***o

    very good product

  368. A***a

    Excellent lamp, its functions perform. fast delivery.

  369. P***r

    ok, ok,ok

  370. L***e

    very Good item

  371. T***e


  372. T***e

    Superskij svetilnik

  373. I***r

    incredibly reliable seller. No need to think twice when purchasing. the product is very high quality and useful. I definitely recommend you to buy it.

  374. U***p

    Thank you, everything is fine. I took white 40 cm by 60 led. Put in the kitchen above the sink, weak light, reinforced another flashlight. Let's see what time it is.

  375. J***k

    Goods consistent with the description. Fast delivery dziala like please. Recommend

  376. M***l

    very useful and nice product, fast delivery. bought for the second time.

  377. I***v

    Quality practical lantern. Several glow modes, including with a motion sensor, are very necessary.

  378. S***a

    it took two full months to deliver but quality of product is very solid and good!
    It is worth to wait.

    I'll buy it again if I need it.

  379. J***g

    Bright and good high-sensing well. Finish this somewhat one power-point. Spotting this away from writing seems a good living.

  380. E***d

    Thank you very match for your proffessional approuch and for awsome product
    plesure to make business with you.

  381. V***a

    I liked the lamp very much, it is necessary to work two mini-batteries, it works Super thanks

  382. D***r

    I really liked the lamp. Two modes: constantly on and on. At night turns on the movement of meters from 4. shines seconds 20…30. Magnetic to metal objects firmly. The quality is just excellent. Charging cord included. Totally satisfied.

  383. F***r

    Good light.
    Only defect is have to be connected power constantly.

    no remark

  384. A***h

    Super fast delivery 1 days to Ukraine. The light flux is similar to approximately 3-4 W LED bulb. The sensor works correctly. For a door tambour just right. Recommend

  385. V***v


  386. D***z

    Quality good. Thought only that will be tighter shine.. But want u it another larger. OK

    no remark no remark no remark no remark no remark

  387. D***z

    Quality good. Thought only that will be tighter shine.. But want u it another larger. OK

    no remark no remark no remark no remark no remark

  388. B***b

    VI he fornøyd Det fungerer bra.

    no remark no remark

  389. I***r

    Took two strips of 40 cm, August 27 order, getting 05 October.
    On one of the strips was inqualitatively closed plastic cover-with an effort, but closed itself.
    Turned on, charged, the motion sensor does not work. It turns out, and it's true-it works only in the dark, it does not work in the light, apparently inattentively read the description)
    Magnets are strong, LEDs are generally normal.

  390. U***r

    The order was received for 10 days (Kiev. Ukraine). They will wrap it in an ordinary pouty bag, but everything is whole, even the box is not crushed. Satisfied with the fast delivery. Everything works fine. The lamp well, I liked it very much. I bought it. Like a night light. It shines bright enough. I would have bought several at once, but I did not want to risk it. Took one-to test. Today I will order two more. Everything at the highest level is my recommendations to both the goods and the seller. Thank you! I put 5 stars everywhere.

  391. G***e

    Product comes with microUSB cable and metal plate sticker.

    no remark

  392. J***s

    Works well. I bought for a cottage, with my functions copes. It reacts quickly at night.

  393. W***l

    Work as described.

  394. A***S

    Very good very fast shipping very satisfied with purchase

  395. A***v

    Nice lights. It was nice to detect the brightness adjustment in them.
    Let's see how much battery is enough.

  396. K***A

    Super all works recommend

    no remark no remark

  397. K***A

    Super all works recommend

    no remark no remark

  398. K***k

    Very fast delivery. I'm happy with the purchase for all 100. The darkest time comes and this lamp is very convenient. Thank you

  399. A***v

    good product. works as described!

  400. A***r

    Very happy. Bought one and after receiving and testing I bought 4 more.

  401. K***v

    The lamp is very bright three working modes, for big cabinet need several, packed

    no remark no remark

  402. T***a

    delivery super fast

  403. A***v

    Nice flashlight. Magnetic

    no remark

  404. G***d

    Lamp arrived very quickly, works well, good lighting and super the detector, professional packaging, thank you

  405. B***v

    Everything works. It came quickly, I'll probably order more. I'll see how much charge will be seized …..

    no remark no remark

  406. H***r

    I really like no wire need.

  407. V***v

    The device has clearly arrived already verified. Everything works, I use it to highlight the entrance door lock, because there is no light in the entrance during the day. Very convenient, I recommend.
    But delivery by courier only during working hours, which is not convenient at all. Managed to agree on the day off.

  408. G***t

    I love it. Good quality lights. Thank you

  409. E***A

    Great, small drawback is that the battery does not hold much… But still remains suitable.

  410. M***a

    Perfectly suited for night lighting of the bathroom! As well as a common corridor. Lights up smoothly, reacts to movement clearly. Liked the possibility of charging instead of endless use of batteries and the ability to cling to any metal objects-convenient.
    Order came quickly.

  411. K***n

    excellent service and product

  412. A***n


  413. G***a

    Ordered August 30, October 2 delivered the courier to the office. Fully corresponds to the description, quickly turns on, turns off after 15 seconds. Now I'll check for how many batteries. I took for illumination of the corridor, or then my grandchildren are afraid of the dark… I recommend…

  414. O***t


  415. M***v

    China sent quickly, in Russia already in the city of receiving the delivery service was lucky three weeks (Courier Service Express) do not contact this delivery!!

    no remark no remark

  416. O***k

    Product corresponds the description and of good quality, works as it should. Shipping taken approx. 2 weeks to Kyiv. Satisfied for now, thanks to the seller.

  417. G***o

    Shipping fast. The lamp glows well, everything works thanks to the seller.

  418. F***r

    Very practical product, sufficient lighting area

  419. P***a

    Very fast delivery. Excellent seller. Excellent product. Thanks*****

  420. G***r

    All чудовoh

  421. J***a

    Already order a 50cm before works perfectly well lighting and more rechargeable induction and like supplied with the charging cable and magnet sticker

    no remark no remark

  422. P***n

    Product that is fixed on a stand that is glued or on a magnetic surface by simple contact. Easy charging on usb c socket. The motion detector is effective. Light moderately powerful. Very convenient for places without electrical outlet.

  423. Y***v


  424. P***s

    Courier delivery pleased

  425. I***y

    Very dull. I took very little light for the illumination of the weapon safe-light.

  426. L***t


  427. L***e

    It works very well. It's night light, not of great intensity. Magnetism is not very strong but if it sticks to the metals, in the refri very well.

  428. H***e

    Brightness and good high sensor works well.

    no remark no remark

  429. O***n

    Quality is super! Many thanks to the seller for the efficiency and quality, boldly order in this store! The motion sensor lighting is excellent, lighting is super, turn off after 15-20 seconds automatically!

    no remark no remark no remark no remark no remark

  430. O***n

    The order arrived in 10 days, just super, the quality of the products is excellent, ordered 2 different lamps, everything works fine!!! Track tracked, motion sensor just super, lamp goes off in 15-20 seconds, fixed on the front door, on the lamp magnet, everything keeps very well, the lighting is bright, the sensor works on the movement quickly, plus a huge that you can charge from USB. to the seller Thank you very much and to the store, boldly order in this store!!! Shop prosperity and success on sale!!!

    no remark no remark no remark no remark no remark

  431. A***v

    All is well, thank you!

  432. E***K

    In Irkutsk I received a lamp a month later as ordered, the packing is good, the package corresponds to, 30 cm. Illuminates a small area, but according to its functional power, how good the motion sensor will show time, until it turns on, after what time it turns off until it traces, the seller will recommend, probably, you can…

    no remark

  433. R***r

    All good

  434. R***n

    well packaged as described, delivered quickly.

    no remark no remark

  435. J***

    It's a very useful product, dim light but it's perfect for a bath for example and getting up at night and not giving you the buzz of ceiling light. I recommend your purchase. Bring a standard usb type charging cable. It has a metal part that makes magnet to hook it up

    no remark no remark no remark no remark

  436. L***w

    Fast Delivery. Item works well.

  437. B***d

    Good trader

  438. A***s

    To the Moscow region reached 10 days. They work well.

    no remark

  439. A***s

    To the Moscow region reached 10 days. They work well.

    no remark

  440. A***i


  441. M***o

    Somewhat small sujection magnets. You have No switch to shut it off completely.

  442. F***r

    Very good product, corresponds exactly to the description. Super packing and fast shipping. I'll recommend it.

  443. M***r

    Works fine. For illumination is ideal.

  444. M***r

    Delivery is very fast, but I do not advise you to take batteries on batteries, they are not clear whether they are charged or not, then they leave, then they do not fit tightly. In general, it works through times

  445. J***a

    Walk to perfection just excellent
    Jen rencomande soon, I even find that for the photo it's a good little light laptop

    no remark no remark no remark no remark

  446. G***r

    this is one of the best made little lights I have seen, now I know they are quality, I will buy more for different part of my house.

  447. J***o


  448. K***r

    Seller/Please kindly and also keeping in mind.

    no remark

  449. L***N

    Very good

  450. X***x

    Very good item, easy to use and well finished. The sensor works perfectly and activates the lamp by sensing movement and when there is darkness. Recommended item.

  451. G***r

    Everything was perfect

  452. A***v

    It came. Everything works.

  453. B***t

    They woks very well, I am very satified

  454. S***.

    Love this. Recomanded

  455. A***p

    Works well so far. Quick to charge and responsive in reduced light. Motion sensor works well.

  456. A***k

    Genuine Okey

  457. C***k

    Perfect. Super fast delivery. Works great, exactly as described!!

  458. H***U

    Fast delivery, powerful lighting, comfortable to place in a dark closet.

  459. N***a

    Delivery to the month. Brought home a courier. It shines well. Everything works. Packed perfectly-in a branded box plus a navel.

  460. E***A


  461. D***r

    exactly where I was looking for! the magnets are very strong! I buy more of them.

  462. E***k

    Good, but did some dark dish with a little brighter, harness yo

  463. S***s

    Safely accept good use in

    no remark

  464. S***v


    no remark no remark no remark no remark no remark

  465. F***z


  466. Y***o

    Good night light, delivery fast

    no remark

  467. Y***i

    Product excellent!

  468. G***I

    The night light is just super. I regret that I ordered for a sample 2 pcs, everything is as in the description, it is possible to just burn, you can turn off the movement. Sold out super sent immediately, the parcel came in a week, I ordered different of all this just super I will order more, yes, and plus it can be hung on the iron he magnetic. I recommend the producer.

  469. F***v

    Excellent. Goods delivered!

  470. N***a

    Wonderful Lamp thank you very much

  471. Y***a

    Everything came, everything works.

  472. J***a

    The lamp is super, as in the description. There are two modes of constant light and light on the movement, also can just turn off, took with USB charging, hung on the kitchen cabinet above the sink, attached to the tape on one side and on the magnet (to the lamp) on the other, so if desired, the lamp can be removed, and then hung again. To buy I recommend. i arrived very quickly, about two weeks.

  473. P***o

    zatiaľ super

  474. A***n

    The lamp is good, complete with a cable and two iron on self-adhesive.

    no remark no remark

  475. A***i

    The product is good and I recommend it

  476. T***i

    supper fast shippong. All working great! thanks

  477. F***z

    Seller recommended. I had a problem with the order and I'll fix it.

  478. E***a


  479. J***v

    Shines quite bright, the sensor works, everything is good

    no remark

  480. E***v

    Works fine!

  481. V***n

    Received very quickly, very high quality, very long working without recharging, I recommend!

  482. S***f

    2nd time buying

  483. L***s

    The product arrived so fast!!

    Have a good quality!!


  484. M***o


  485. D***r

    Perfect and very fast shipping work very bi in and are perfect refillable the seller

    no remark no remark

  486. V***s

    Good stuff. But it's a pity there is no adjustment in the dark on. I would like to be included in total darkness. It works tonight too. Shines well, not very bright, for the night is optimal.

    no remark no remark no remark no remark no remark

  487. A***g

    Not very bright.

  488. S***v

    Convenient lamp, rechargeable

  489. G***i

    The trooper is about three types of money.
    The goods are all right.
    Najine's paquan.
    The sensor is approximately 2 metri.
    I recommend it.

  490. B***E

    EXCELLENT perfect thank you very much.

  491. A***r

    The seller quickly sent,, good packing, everything works. thank you.

  492. D***t

    Not magnite Z-Zado

  493. A***o

    Good Lamp, delivered by courier.

    no remark no remark

  494. P***a

    Arrived ok. Working great. Thank You.

  495. B***y

    Small sensor sensing distance. Suitable only in the cabinet for illumination.

  496. R***i

    Very good product and I arrive in record time.

  497. O***o

    Tested in last few days after full charged. Not sure how long the battery will last

    no remark

  498. O***o

    Tested in last few days after full charged. Not sure how long the battery will last

    no remark

  499. J***k

    Very czuła and cool light.

  500. K***r

    The business is the best

  501. M***e

    Safely shipping dark corridor in it

  502. Y***H


  503. E***r

    Good quality. Very well packaged. Perfect operation. Waiting to see battery life, it is an excellent product.

  504. E***r

    Good quality. Very well packaged. Perfect operation. Waiting to see battery life, it is an excellent product.
    It has arrived very quickly: time and order date: 15:22 Sep. 10 2020 and Arrived Today September 17.

  505. L***c

    Ons can not choose the lighting time

  506. T***v

    Excellent quality. Lying a few hours in the water continued to work

  507. E***p

    Good, working as described, and arrived super fast.

  508. R***v

    Works fine. Charged, installed, checked. It shines enough for the lighting of the toilet at night. I am pleased. Thank you seller!

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    Works fine. Charged, installed, checked. It shines enough for lighting the cabinet from the inside. I am pleased. Thank you seller!

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    Excellent lamp and fast delivery to the door.

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    Delivery to Ukraine two weeks. The goods were very good. I'll order more.

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    High quality, I recommend.

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    yellow light is brighter than the bluish one imo, recommended. packaged VERY safely. thanks to seller

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    Používám v kuchyni and paráda svítí pěkně, byť for nabití vydrží pár cyklů but když them poblíž nabíječka zase them rychle dobito

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    Very good

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    Works fine and shines chic, hung over the door in the corridor. Magnets are weak. So straight on the door sat well.

  521. O***o

    The parcel went for a very long time. Although the country of departure is Belgium, the destinations are Lithuania. Packed all very well and neatly. It is attached to magnets and double-sided tape. There is a lighting mode "SOS", some mode that shines brighter or vice versa. I do not understand how to turn on the mode that works for movement. It is controlled by a button on the side. In general, the product is not bad. Recommend.

    no remark no remark no remark no remark no remark

  522. T***k

    Works and is OK.

  523. D***a

    100% coincided waiting/reality! Packed on conscience. Delivery to the apartment. Charges from USB. 3 glow modes.

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  524. D***a

    100% coincided waiting/reality! Packed on conscience. Delivery to the apartment. Charges from USB. 3 glow modes.

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    A megrendelt termék megérkezett,sértetlenül,kiválóan működik,köszönöm!

  526. S***a

    The lamp came, looks good, thought it would shine much brighter, the light is dim, took 30 cm, 40 diodes with battery built-in.

  527. J***t

    Works very well, the detection is sensitive.
    The light is beautiful without being aggressive to the eyes at night.

  528. B***c

    Like the product. Was exactly what I expected. Thank you

  529. I***z

    I have different ones and I like them better than this one. They seem more sensitive to Me in the face of motion detection.
    For the price is ok.

  530. R***r

    I really liked the lamp! Pleasant to look at and good light. I came fast enough. Packed well

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  531. R***r

    I really liked the lamp! Pleasant to look at and good light. I came fast enough. Packed well

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    Delivery to Moscow sdek for about two weeks. Quality is very satisfied.

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    It works very well. It detects when it's day and night. Day does not turn on, when there is less light, then its good functioning begins.

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    The goods came quickly. Packed well. The quality is excellent. Slightly lost with the size, and so everything is fine. Seller recommend.

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  538. G***h

    I redesigned my armoire to display my jewelry. I needed more lighting. I ordered these in and was able to install them in a few minutes. They send out plenty of light and I love the motion sensors. I will order more for that project. You will not be disappointed.

    no remark

  539. D***z


  540. I***v

    Weak lighting, quickly extinguishes. take a better version by 50 cm. there brighter LEDs and longer shines.

  541. V***d

    Works very well.

  542. R***r


  543. D***M

    All as in the description, the mode switch button allows you to choose how the lamp will work, constantly light or respond to movement, this same button can be turned off the lamp at all (I do, in the afternoon, so as not to spend the charge in vain) a cord for charging from USB and magnets in the kit. The parcel went for more than a month. In the rest, while everything suits

    no remark no remark

  544. D***M

    The smallest of all variations, specially took a warm yellow to comfortably rustle at night in the kitchen, it will be necessary to buy 2 мизинчиковые batteries (I already had a couple of batteries not when dealing, actually, therefore, the choice fell on this option) while it works well, from the minuses: delivery more than 1 month and in the description is not specified, That this lamp does not have a button to switch lighting modes, I.E. He's only one. For this I shoot 1 star. By the way, the seller first made contact, clarify if I really needed a lamp on batteries, and not on USB, apparently before that there were plenty of cases, when the nifig does not read the description of the goods and then put bad grades

    no remark no remark

  545. F***n

    items very nice and good working any place.

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    Very pleased. Delivery 2 weeks to the door by courier service. Excellent shining, 3 modes. The sensor works well. I like everything very much. Thank you seller.

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    Works as described.

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    ᆢᆞᆞᆞ ᆞ

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    Dark was not around when I have also recognized this well.
    Back or you and then leaves

  551. M***o

    26.08-10.09 new poshtoyu in the region. It's packed in zahist so Zwan Chinese. The lamp has come to charge and to hang a yaskravo in a set of its charging cable. To the other side of the metal plate of the Yak glue on the surface to you. It has 3 modes. Poki shcho I'm Duge pre-war

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    Very good contact with the seller.

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    Very fast from Spain. It works very well, I 've put it on stairs and perfect

  559. A***v

    Gun Gun

  560. A***o

    Works properly, both the motion sensor and the light sensor so it doesn't turn on when it's daylight. I bought the 30cm rechargeable one and for the same price or less than other more famous brands you're lighting a lot more!

  561. R***r

    Everything is fine, everything works, the lamp came charged, the charging indicator works (red, when fully charged, it lights up green). Was delivery problem, didn't update status, after the, how did I write to the seller-the problem was solved and delivered in a day

  562. G***h

    good work 🙂

  563. S***i

    Very good

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    The lamp works as described. The service was very good. I can recommend this shop.

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    The order was received in Moscow relatively quickly. Everything came out intact and safe without damage. Packed very well! In the package and a powerful cellophane with air tubes! Not just bubble. .. For this to the seller-Special Thanks! The goods are very high quality. Lamp in a branded factory box. The charging cord is attached too in a separate box that is in a box with a lamp .. It's called Factory China…
    Turned on and it is charged and works! And the lamp itself is magnetic to any metal surface. And also works the function of turning on from movement. Just super! Shines well bright. In the family, everyone really liked this lamp ..
    Everything is fine. Good seller good store Good Goods.
    I will order more from the same seller many pieces I will pour everywhere!

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    Great thing. Fast shipping. It came in 2 weeks by new mail. Seller recommend.

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    no remark

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    Very quickly delivered!

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    Parfait !

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    Very convenient delivery, thank you to the seller, I recommend, until I used it, then I will add a review.

  573. A***V

    Delivery-rocket, paid 26 Aug-received saint. 09 on the NP in Zaporozhye. I buy a second time.
    I liked the lamp, it works clearly, it shines on 14 ice lamps bright,. They took on the sea, lit continuously at night until the morning, themselves at dawn off. The goods are satisfied. Seller respect.

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    Thumbs up!!!

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    Классный светильник. Спасибо продавцу. Буду у него ещё заказывать. Большой плюс, что отправили не обычной почтой, а службой. Единственный минус за который я снизил оценку – это было указано, что не включается при наличии освещения, но реагирует 50/50. Для справки: реагирует на кота, хотя находится на высоте 130 см.

    no remark no remark

  580. A***v

    Пришло в целости,но долго. Больше месяца. Два рабочих режима(на движение и постоянно). Ночью очень удобно, не надо включать свет. Угол действия где-то 40 градусов(может проходим близко).

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  581. H***h

    The light is perfect! Very good product. I truly recommend it, and the seller. Well done.

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    Todo OK. Buena lámpara y ha venido en 15 días.

  583. Q***q

    Works great… like advertised

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    Доставка долгая, 33 дня до Норильска. Работает отлично. Качество также на высоте

  585. M***l

    Delivery to Moscow 3 weeks. Without any damage. The packaging is good.Not tracked, but delivered by courier! Works, shines well, like a night light. Took 30 cm.The charging process is described on the website. Turns on when it starts to get dark and the motion sensor is triggered (that is, two conditions are met).The light is nice and warm. I recommend this product. Seller well done.
    Доставка до Москвы 3 недели. Без повреждений. Упаковка хорошая.Не отслеживался, но доставил курьер! Работает, светит хорошо, как ночник. Брал 30 см.Процесс зарядки описан на сайте. Включается когда начинает темнеть и сработает датчик движения (То есть выполняются два условия).Свет приятный,теплый. Товар рекомендую. Продавец молодец.

  586. O***a

    на магнитиках, мне понравилось

  587. S***a

    Funcionan muy bien

  588. R***r

    plusieurs essais piles neuves Ne fonctionne pas s échange plutôt que remboursement Le 7 septembre 2020

  589. P***i

    All ok thanks regards

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    Good lamp, arrived in 2 month. Thank you

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    article conforme à la description.. mais pas encore testé

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    Все отлично

    no remark

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    genial y llegó en dos semanas

  594. S***f

    Genial. y llegó en dos semanas

  595. J***e

    not as bright as i would have hoped, considering the amount of led's but its good enough for what i need

  596. J***g

    Worked well on 1st charge. But not very good from 2nd charge onwards. Motion sensor sometimes work and sometimes doesnt

  597. L***t

    bien reçu fonctionne et conforme a la vente merci…

  598. A***v

    оооочень долгая доставка( Сама лампа крутая

  599. G***r

    Заказ долго, но дошел. Соответствует

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  604. C***n

    muy bien, alumbra suficiente, el tamaño esta bien, y es muy funcional. gracias

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    I like the product. At night is working perfect.

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  607. O***o

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  609. S***v

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    Магниты в самом фонаре нормальные, но железка к которой крепиться слабенькая, легко задевается и легко слетает, не хватает нормальный сцепки, сам фонарь не плохой, так же не получится прикрепить верхом, то есть что бы светило в лицо, так как магнит находиться не посредственно со спины, боком прикрепить на магнит не получиться , тем самым датчик реагирования в центре который, он смотрим в низ и что бы он заработал нужно ногу впритык ставить, когда светит в бок, то да, датчик хорошо реагирует до 2-3 метров. Светит приятно.

  611. S***v

    Доставка курьером через месяц после заказа. ОООчень крутая штука – поставил 2шт на пути следования ночных караванов по маршруту "Детская" – "Туалет", дети в восторге, не боятся больше ночью ходить. Срабатывают только в тёмное время суток, поэтому можно даже не отключать утром, чтобы не забыть включить вечером. Есть 2 режима – включены постоянно и по движению. Движение, кстати, отслеживают на довольно большом расстоянии, порядка 3-3.5 метров, и угол охвата, по моим прикидкам, порядка 120-130 градусов. Чем дольше мимо них совершено движение – тем дольше работают, то есть перевернулся ребенок во сне – включились на 10 сек, прошелся мимо них – работают 60 или 90 сек, как раз хватает сделать все свои ночные "дела".
    Однозначно рекомендую, это как раз то, чего мне не хватало!

  612. Y***z

    very good product. use it for my daughter room as a night light.

  613. F***e

    La tapa de las pilas no abría bien, del resto funciona super

  614. I***r

    la seconda volta che li compro spettacolare

  615. U***r

    Excellent packing, useful light. Came in 2 weeks. This 15cm light will be ideal to light the way to the bathroom.

  616. D***k

    schönes produkt

  617. J***g

    it's good products.

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  619. K***r

    오 배송도 빠르고 죠아욘! 벙커침대사용해서 아래가 어두침침해가지고 쓸라고삿는디 몇개 더살껄그랫슈 ㅎㅎ

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  621. F***u

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  627. J***s

    Спасибо лампы работают хорошо.

  628. O***v

    Взял 15 см с датчиком движения и батареей. Все работает. Датчик освещенности можно было бы конечно и на более темное настроить. Поставил светильник в коридоре, днем все равно загорается, т.к. там полумрак, а хотелось бы только ночью. Но в целом все равно удобная штука. При проходимости 2 человека в квартире (черезе укоридор) батареи хватате где-то на 5-7 дней. Зарядка от юсб очень околдо получа.

  629. G***m

    The light reach is a little weak

  630. V***s

    works perfectly

  631. J***g

    밝기가 조금 아쉽지만 작동 잘되고 쓸만합니다.

  632. R***z

    Sorprende muy contento con el producto A++

  633. H***U

    Très pratique comme éclairage dans un placard. Recharge rapide sur une prise usb.

  634. D***v

    Доставка больше месяца. Товар хороший, продавец общительный

  635. P***s

    Very good quality! All five stars! Very good mood lighting! Thanx!

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    it won't be my last time purchasing here

  637. E***i

    photo looks much better than actual product but so far it's working.

  638. R***m

    Датчик движения срабатывает ьтолько при подходе вплотную, что не очень удобно.

  639. M***r

    Good Seller.

  640. A***k

    Very nice product with dimmer function.

  641. L***i

    Wszystko zgodnie z opisem. Bardzo fajna lampka. Przesyłka dotarła nie uszkodzona , zapakowana w folię bombelkową . Wszystko trwało 16 dni , dostarczone przez kuriera. Polecam

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    센서가 민감하지 않아요..

  643. L***G

    Very good. The seller's faith is really good.

  644. S***v

    Отличный продавец! Светильник работает как в описании. Если светло не включается, в темноте работает отлично! Спасибо! Удачи в бизнесе!

  645. S***n

    от 2 шт. батарей ААА светит слабо, нужно 4,2-6в, но потреб будет 150-300 ма

  646. J***o


  647. A***j

    20.08 заказал, 29.08 получил на "Новой почте", упаковано отлично, всё целое, заряжено и работает, с продавцом не общался, рекомендую.

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  648. A***v

    Доставка месяц. Доставил курьер домой. Светит ярко. Есть несколько режимов.

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    The quality of life increases.

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  651. A***V

    Очень быстро до Запорожья . Оплатил 18 ,отправили 19 получил 27 августа.Беру вторую здесь Светит прилично , очень удобно Продавцу RESPECT ТОВАР СУПЕР

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  652. T***o

    Luces LED potente, en mi caso luz blanca con 21 leds . Perfectas para, iliminar el interior de los armarios.Muy prácticas, por tener baterias recargables y a su vez por su movilidad. Gracias a su instalación mediante imanes, podemos retirarlas de su posición en iluminar otros espacios

  653. J***z

    ha llegado en 17 días en perfecto estado. funciona bien. sensor movimiento funciona.

  654. D***c

    Thank you, the product does not look the same as the piture but the light is bright

    no remark

  655. Y***u

    배송은 엄청 빨라요. 주문 후 일주일만에 받았어요. 밝기는 조금 아쉬워요. 밝은데서는 모션센서로 점등되지 않아요.좋은건가?^^

  656. R***r

    Все пришло, хорошо упаковано.Работает. Если надо хорошее освещение надо брать побольше длину или 2 штуки.

  657. I***r

    nothing wrong with the order but the delivery time was ridiculously long. and difficult to track. Singapore post page is not user friendly

  658. N***v

    Хорошие лампы, включаются с небольшим замедлением яркости.

    no remark no remark

  659. G***s

    Muy bien embalado y recibido en perfecto estado. práctico para iluminar ocasionalmente lugares oscuros. lo he cargado y en cinco días no se ha agotado… claro que tampoco lo uso tanto. satisfecho.

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  660. L***a

    muy buen producto

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  661. A***a

    я в принципе, довольна, все как в описании, она ярко светит, в комплекте маленький юсб шнур для зарядки, короче мне нравится, но режим там один, сенсор не работает (((((
    пришла за 2 недели

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  662. D***v

    Очень быстро приехали. И качество-вышка. Все соответсвует и работает четко. Рекомендую

  663. D***v

    Быстрая доставка

  664. D***k

    Ziet er goed uit en het werkt goed

  665. K***i

    sensor sade karanlikta calisiyor

  666. S***k


  667. J***U


  668. R***G

    fast shipping, the product corresponds to what is indicated, recommended seller

  669. P***s

    Funktioniert gut. Versand war sehr schnell.

  670. A***v

    Отличное качество! Отлично работает! Как мы раньше без него жили? ))) Приклеели к кровати, а он еще и на магните, и на обратной стороне зеркало, которое даже не искажает)) Вообщем очень довольны.

  671. U***f


  672. S***h

    works good, not the brightest, but the sensor detects in a good range if I enter the room

  673. N***s

    BRILLIANT! Better than expected. makes the hallway light up like aircraft floor lights, great for moving around at night without turning main lights on.
    Also small enough to not stand out. Comes with SML metal self adhesive plates so you mount them anywhere using the inbuilt magnets.

  674. R***r

    Отличный светильник!Работает великолепно. Посылка ехала достаточно долго и не мог отслеживать только.

  675. G***r


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  677. R***t

    Jest, ok. Działa dobrze

  678. G***r

    인식률도 좋고 불빛도 마음에 듭니다.

  679. G***g

    Долго, но уверенно все таки приехал. Хороший светильник, можна поместить практически в любое место.

  680. P***e

    happy purchase! item as described

  681. A***Z

    Funcionan muy bien. Buena calidad los productos.

  682. R***r

    Лампа качественная, липучки на магнитах одноразовые-клейте буду уверенными в месте установки, переклеивать будет проблемно. У меня работали не выключаясь. Что я там ни настраивала. Поэтому возврат.

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